If your power of attorney document does not contain specific restrictions, it gives your agent broad power over financial or medical decisions. Regardless of this, the agent is expected to act in the best interests of the principal, the person who authorizes the agent to act on his behalf. An agent cannot do this: 8.1. With respect to the execution of trusts:-All deeds, deeds relating to a matter in which I am a trustee and/or beneficiary, and to exercise all powers and authorities elsewhere, under or elsewhere, as appropriate. Commercial real estate transactions can also be concluded by a power of attorney and our Russian lawyers can offer support in such cases. In these cases, our lawyers can also discuss the regulations relating to the purchase or sale of real estate. THANKS TO THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY, I HAVE…….. Son of……….. residence in ………….

Applicant in Civil Action No………… ……………….. hereinafter referred to as this action, which is brought before the court of …….. Name Shri, create and name …………. Son of Shri ………… Residence in ……….. as my lawyer for me, on my behalf and on my behalf, to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things related to the complaint in question: The act of power of attorney is subject to different fees in Russia. If the only lawyer dies or becomes unable to work, the alternative lawyer may, if necessary, intervene. If this is not the case, another lawyer must be appointed by signing a new power of attorney. In Russia, power is governed by the Russian Civil Code and is given by the donor to the agent for legal purposes.

The Russian power of attorney must indicate the activities that the agent can carry out on behalf of the donor. For example, if you`re renting out your home, you might want your lawyer to manage your tenants, including signing the lease and issuing notifications. This is very useful for foreigners interested in buying or renting real estate in Russia, and allows them to carry out actions related to the aforementioned property remotely by giving a mandate to one of our lawyers….