This assignment of the debt and its consent (this «assignment») takes effect on March 24, 2009, from and between Gateway International Holdings, Inc., a Nevada corporation (Assignor) and Money Line Capital Inc., a California-based company (assigned), and that of Joseph Gledhill and/or Joyce Gledhill, individuals («notice holders»), as part of the proposed award of Assignor to Assigne. Communication of December 8, 2008, amounting to US$650,000, the copy of which is attached to Schedule A (the note). This debt transfer (this «assignment») was cancelled on April 24, 2007, under the name Rudolf Gunnerman («Gunnerman»), SulphCo, Inc., a Nevada company (the borrower) and companies identified on the signature sites (each a «buyer» and a collective «buyer»), with respect to the sale of this bond dated December 31, 2004, for $7,000,000 issued by the borrower to Gunnerman (the «Note»). This September Bond Assignment Agreement is a Nevada-based company (hereafter referred to as «agent») of and under Enrique de Vilmorin (`Assignor`) and Ethos Environmental, Inc. . For the value received, John Schutte («Assignor») herely transmits the De Ihmtune, a limited liability company in Kentucky («agent»), all the rights, securities and interest of the agent on and for (i) the amended, consolidated and reputed debt obligation provided by Acura Pharmaceuticals (the «note») of June 28, 2019, the note of Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a New York company (the «company»), addressed to Assignor for a total of $6 million ($6,000,000), (ii) that Warrant was used to purchase common shares on June 28, 2019, manufactured and delivered by the company to Assignor, and (iii) certain security agreements of June 28, 2019 were drawn up by the company in favour of Assignor , each without recourse or guarantee.