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In the sector of buying and selling trains, there are too many frauds, so that the train salesman is now considered the foot of the crook… Before I was a car saleswoman, I had also been a victim of fraud when I bought my first car… So, after entering the world of buying and selling this car, I was able to discover the turning point of fraud and then I realized that I had been deceived. This makes me feel like I`m being called upon to save the number of customers they don`t have the right to dued… In most cases of rail credit, fixed-rate loans are offered to borrowers. The interest rate for new trains generally ranges from 2.3% to 3.5%, while the rate for used trains ranges from 3.5% to 4.2%. My brothers are here to bear witness to God`s goodness in my life, and how I was saved from financial pressure, because my business was in decline and my family was in such a state that we could not even pay for education for the children, because bitterness invaded my heart, because we are a family business in (Surabaya, East Java) where we were so confused, my husband tried to get a loan from the bank, he refused the loan, so he went online looking for a loan because he was tricked online by ringing scammers who promised him a loan and said he had to pay a fee for a loan , so husbank made me money from his friends to pay the fees, then they asked for more expense for some reason that he had to go and lend by his brother in (Bekasi) to make sure that he had at least the credit to make the family needs and after making the expenses , he was asked to pay for some reason, which caused the family famine, so we had to collect food from our close neighbors. and for months we suffered and the store was closed for a whileO one afternoon faithful to 14:00 p.m. this close neighbor called me and told me that he would get a loan from the online credit company, so that if he got the loan, he would introduce me to the company, so we went to the ATM and checked that the loan wasn`t there, so we waited about 30 minutes, then we received a warning on his phone from his bank that he had received Monney in his account, so we checked his balance and looked at 300 million of him as creditDann I screamed in public while I was crying and at that time , I couldn`t