Connect your smartphone and stream your favorite music service, podcast or digital music files. You can even use steering wheel keys to control the track and volume. Wherever you are, what you want, what you need: BMW ConnectedDrive`s exceptional services will help you best before and during each journey. Do you want your BMW to be up to date with the latest software? With remote software upgrade, your BMW is always like new. Comfortable, reliable and stress-free – without having to visit the BMW service partner. Upgrades are installed by air, just like your smartphone. Available only for select models with the BMW 7.0 operating system. The BMW Connected app suits you as well as at home. This is the direct connection to the vehicle, even if you are not sitting in your BMW. Plan your next trip, check the status of your BMW, book your next service appointment or use one of the many features of the remote control – all comfortably from your smartphone. With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, no questions remain unanswered. This service offers you the support of the ultimate automotive expert. No matter what you want to know about your BMW and when you need help, it will be there for you.

You`ll learn more about the characteristics of your vehicle and learn more about the overall condition and service needs of your BMW. In the event of an accident, it is important to act quickly. A smart emergency call will seek help and can even save lives if the worst were to happen. She contacts specially trained call centre agents to assist you and your passengers until emergency services arrive. It also sends them important information directly. TeleService (Service Request) keeps you in the driver`s seat by automatically or manually transmitting the condition and service requirements of your vehicle at your request. Your BMW centre can access vehicle data and a BMW service advisor can then call you to make a comfortable appointment. Navigation maps are automatically updated via the vehicle`s on-board connection to the mobile phone network so you can drive safely, wherever you go.