The coach clarified the conditions of the coaching relationship. He took what the client wanted to work on, but did not set a measure of the subject`s success. The coach has been too directive and needs to work more with the client when there are opportunities to go in different directions. In addition to the formal contract, you should possibly add an individual agreement on the coaching process itself. It could include: note: the ICC published its updated key competence model in October 2019. I will create a new version of Establishing the Coaching Agreement (date to be fixed). The ICF does not change any of its evaluation criteria for 2020. I perceive nothing other than what is already known about this important core competency, just a change in wording and an emphasis on partnering with the client to set the client`s desired session agenda for each coaching session. In The Upgraded Target Approach, I make deep distinctions about what partnership means and, in particular, about the definition of the coaching meeting agreement. What is your new knowledge on setting up coaching contracts? How do you plan to improve your skills in building coaching contracts? These two levels of the coaching agreement apply to the coaching partnership. By adhering to these guidelines, life coaches should be able to meet the ICF criteria for the essential competence of setting up the coaching agreement at each meeting.

In particular, ICF wants clear expectations about the desired coaching results, preferably with measurable evidence of success. In addition, ICF wants to see that the Life Coach does not dictate the results or plays an authoritarian role. Setting up the coaching agreement, as long as you are an ethical coach, is the first task of a practicing life coach. Many of you may have additional topics that you cover in your coaching conventions and recording sessions. I invite you to share them with the members of ICF Québec. I would welcome your comments: Some coaches might ask a general Set #1 question and then ask a Set #2 follow-up question. So you need to determine if it might be more direct for your customer to be more direct with your question. Help the client take their focus into account so you can help them achieve an effective coaching result for the session.

In addition to the coaching contract, the documentation of the process plays an important role.