By encouraging foreign direct investment in developing countries, the Agency aims to support economic growth, reduce poverty and improve people`s lives. In December 1973, these agreements were first replaced by a so-called supplementary agreement of several countries, on 15 March 1991 by the multilateral guarantee agreement. Credit guarantees can be granted to different issuers, for example. B private and public projects (recourse), public-private partnerships, enterprises and (sub)state bodies. Credit guarantees reduce the risk of default for lenders and investors, increase the solvency of projects/issues, thereby helping to improve access to capital markets and attract private capital. The Agency started with a capital of $1 billion among its original 29 Member States. Political risk guarantees protect investors and lenders against political incidents that result in interruptions or terminations of the construction, operation and business, ownership and/or contractual relationships of an infrastructure project. If such incidents result in non-payment, the guarantor will indemnify the guarantors for their losses to the extent specified in the agreement. .

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