With the advent of university fees, one would have thought that the demand for student accommodation would decrease, but in fact, the opposite is expected since students finance tuition, rent and living expenses. The new project is located in downtown Leeds, near the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. The agreement expands Unite`s existing relationship with the University of Leeds and helps meet the accommodation needs of its students. Projects obtained by a university are generally structured on the basis of design, construction, funding and maintenance. The selected partner from the private sector brings together a consortium consisting of a contractor (for the construction of the accommodation), an operator (for the maintenance of the facilities) and a lender/financial institution (to finance construction costs). «Where the university takes the risk, it`s easy to understand why investors and lenders would want to invest on the street – it`s a reliable confederation; Contracts can last 25 years and guarantee the rental of beds regardless of the fluctuation of demand. The Unite Group has entered into an appointment agreement with the University of Leeds over a 30-year period covering the development of White Rose View. The agreement includes 559 of the 976 beds that will be delivered and will be commissioned in time for the 2020-21 academic year. Student accommodations can be purchased commercially or purchased by the university itself. If the university does not place its alliance behind the agreement, funders will assess the risk of application by examining the location of the university, the location of the campus and, in particular, the possibility of renting unused space to students from other nearby institutions or to important collaborators. For some large cities with multiple educational institutions, this may not be a major problem for donors, while in others it may be a significant blocking factor. Harper Macleod also played for the Derwent Housing Association in a student residency project funded by A Loan to the University of Hertfordshire.

«Even street lenders provide loans for student housing backed by an appointment agreement,» says Jonathan Fewster. Another type of student accommodation project is that of university projects on campus, where the university has different levels of control, but often to obtain this control, the university must make a commitment through an appointment agreement. The student receives by e-mail the Erasmus online application link from the Administrator of Erasmus, This link is sent to the email address that the university of origin makes available to the student at the time of the appointment. Once the student has completed his application and the incoming Erasmus administrator has processed the application, a second email containing the UL student identification number and other Erasmus information on Accommodation, Modules and other Erasmus questions will be sent to the students. Please note that this can sometimes take a few weeks due to the high number of applications we receive. About two weeks before the start of the semester, an information folder containing an incoming Erasmus booklet is sent to the student`s address. The appointment agreement provides the university with special access housing for its students and provides it with a fixed-term income, usually for a period of five years. Although an agreement has been widely spread for 25 years and beyond, where there is an obligation in advance for a new development.