With SAP S/4HANA Logistics` LoB sourcing and procurement system, SAP`s best practice activation approach can be used to customize delivery plans. However, if you use the traditional approach of customizing, this blog post can be helpful. The sales delivery plan 30000001 was found. The basic logic is this: I have problems here with the appointment agreement (LPA type). I have a delivery plan in place, and I have maintained the schedule by executing the layout. The calendar can be maintained and I can run the version (generate the SA version for FRC and JIT). The publication has been directly documented (I can see it when SA`s delivery plan is displayed) and I can also print it… The problem is that the state of SA`s output documentation is always yellow (there is already information for this). As a result, the version number of this SA is still blocked at point 1, although changes in the content of the expression have taken effect (the output of the ranking line has been changed because the GR consumes SA e.V. or impact on the execution of the provision). Those who work with the traditional approach to customize delivery plans in SAP know that setting types and categories as well as maintaining output profiles can be difficult if you don`t know what you`re doing. The above information should be a reminder for those who are in the acquisition and introduction for those who started with SAP.

The following example and survey logic are based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005, adjustments can be made. The new version is a priority. Hello everyone, I found the solution myself, so I post it here:If you publish your delivery plan for the delivery plan, z.B. CODE ME84 and output is kind and distributed, but in Del. Sch. remains the status of the latest «Yellow» version you keep Shell SPRO in: Mngmnt Materials -> Purchase -> News -> output control -> Types of messages -> Set message types for release/expediter planning, then run Fine-Tuned Control: Forecast Delivery/Expediter. There you have Shell Check the box to see for operation 9/A and the output you use for versions. It worked for me. Looks, Tomek btw….

We solved here our problem for its version…. thx all for yourkind concern about this matter, The SAP_COM_0444 / Delivery Schedule of Sales Schedule of Sales Scheduling Agreement – Receive, Update (B2B) API is published with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1905. Hello YOSEA, Can you explain how you solved your problem with yellow status? I would be very happy to know!BR,Tomek A version creation profile is used to determine the period during which versions (delivery plan types) are generated against a delivery plan and forwarded to the lender. It also controls the parity of the versions; Aggregation of expected quantities from the day after the date of availability; and conducting a tolerance test. 2. Another thing…. The key to indicate the backlog and the immediate requirement are not displayed in its version…. (I think it should be displayed in the «Calendar Line Type» column. although I did the SA with the creative profile that the relevant indicator for the backlog and the immediate requirement defined in the overall setting of the creative profile. Did I miss something? After setting the types of documents for delivery plans, select the line for the type of document and double-click on Authorized Item Categories.