The authorisation procedure for requests for seismic investigations and vibrosis, film productions and other projects for the temporary exploitation of railway ownership is as follows: under these agreements, it is necessary to develop guidelines and procedural documents relating to the development of C-M agreements between TxDOT and various railway companies, including: TxDOT regularly concludes construction and maintenance contracts (C-M) with railway companies. TxDOT licence and authorization to carry out work within the railway. A separate agreement on the contractor`s right of entry is then concluded between the contractor and the railway company to allow the holder to have a priority right over the railways. When a licensee is instructed by the licensee to carry out one of the activities agreed under the entry fee contract, that contracting party must complete and return the licensee`s confirmation form and submit it with an administrative fee of $500 and a copy of its general liability insurance subscription corresponding to the coverage indicated. , as stated in the licensing agreement. Railway liability insurance must be obtained from the licensee or its owner.