The scenario is similar to the violation of the performance guarantee. It is broader, however, because the termination is due to non-severe breaches of other contractual conditions. If the client has paid the benefits in advance, it is not unreasonable that he wants a refund of the proportional amount of fees paid in advance for the period following the end of the contract. Each model must be adapted to its specific application case. Otherwise, you risk the use of an agreement that will not achieve its objective. The reason for reaching an agreement is to present legal documents that take into account the rights and obligations of each party on the basis of its intention. A contract that does not reflect the services provided cannot accurately identify the intent of the parties and is therefore more sensitive to litigation (which is the last thing you want). While it is highly unlikely that this right of termination will be exercised, it is not uncommon for the SaaS provider to agree to reimburse a proportionate amount of prepaid fees in the event of a third-party infringement claim, the provider cannot modify the software to avoid a violation and the customer will no longer be able to use the service because of such a right. However, the agreed refund should never be the full amount paid by the customer under the agreement. On the contrary, a saaS agreement is a service level agreement (SLA).

So it should understand itself: Act like your agreement is to use the only one, but don`t be surprised when they send you theirs. Understand that the only way to get your business is to use their form and that there is probably extra time and cost for you, because it probably needs to change and negotiate. I advise my clients to help me establish a more balanced and enjoyable agreement for the client. You can delete or change the provisions in the form that you know your customers want to raise objections or revise. You can then structure the agreement process as an online agreement. You can also create a signed contractual version to use at the customer`s request or if the contract process changes.